Create multiple series in a collection for a seasonal fashion store or contemporary fashion house. Each series is unique and encompasses its own sense of individuality.
The Varsity Series
The Varsity Series was inspired by the vintage aesthetic offered by old school letterman jackets and sweatshirts. The distressed texture allows for the feeling of college nostalgia, giving the wearer a little taste of their alma mater. 
The Funky Series
The Funky Series is for those who dare to dream. The shirt doesn't conform and nor does the person who wears it. The eclectic design is a combination of abstract retro and future experiential motif.
The Mosaic Series
The Mosaic Series grabs its inspiration from the beautiful stained glass that can be found on timeless, historic structures and merges it with a playful and modern effect. 
The Retro Series
If the Retro Series were a person, it would have been born and raised in, you guessed it, California! Utilizing a large portion of the front of the shirt allows the shirt to embody the design and vibe in its entirety.
The City Series
The City Series is for the adventure seeker. It's your go-to shirt on a casual night out and shows everyone what you're all about. From daytime into the night, the City Series is an eclectic and sleek design made to blend in and stand out at the same time.

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