"When Pain Subsides, Vertebrae Can Return to Moving Freely..". is an interactive sound and sculptural installation which dives into society's relationship with anxiety. explores their formation through the influence of external stressors and their manifestation as a physical toll on the body.
Upon seeing the installation the audience will be confronted with a sculptural representation of a spine fabricated out of metal and acrylic. The audience is encouraged to engage with the work by attaching the vertebrae to the spine. Upon the connection of each vertebra, an audio clip will play. The audio clips will be comprised of loved ones’ testimonials with OCD, anxiety, existentialism, uncertainty, the search for meaning, and questioning. Each audio piece fades into audio samples of motors buzzing. Over time, the piece will become a cacophony of overlayed stories and buzzing; an auditory representation of anxiety and uncertainty.

acrylic, laser cut
Arduino coded with processing 
Audio recordings with Zoom recorder
Audio edited with Adobe Audition
Copper and wire

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